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Roofing Trends in 2021: A Comprehensive Guide

The roofing industry is always changing, and the trends for 2021 are no exception. To help you stay on top of these changes, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to what you can expect in the coming years. We will go over some of the most important trends that you need to know.

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Top Roofing Trends in 2021

Check out our list of the most popular roofing options this year:

1. Metal Roof

Metal roofing is a great choice for those who want their home to look and feel like something from the future. It’s much more eco-friendly than traditional steel. The metal material is very durable that it can withstand hail storms with ease.

A few of the downsides are that it can conduct heat into your house during hot summer days or cold winter nights (depending on what type you choose), so if this bothers you, be sure to get insulation installed in between sheets of metal when installing them over other surfaces such as plywood boards or concrete slabs before laying down shingles.

2. Cool Roof

Cool roofs are designed to reflect sunlight. They do this by using a material that is specially formulated for the purpose of reflecting light and heat back into space rather than absorbing it like traditional roofing materials. This means they don’t get as hot during the afternoon sun, which can be dangerous if they’re in direct contact with your home’s interior (especially on sunny days).

Cool roofs also come with added benefits such as increased energy efficiency because less heat gets into your house, so you use AC units less often or at lower settings. These savings can make up for the steep upfront cost.

3. Plastic Roof

Plastic roofs are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is a recyclable material that can last up to 100-years if left untouched by the elements; it doesn’t rot as wood does, so there’s no chance of termites, mold, mice, or other insects getting into your home through roofing materials.

They’re an affordable option. They are also low maintenance because they don’t require any painting or staining and can be cleaned with soap and water.

4. Solar Panel Roof

Solar panel roofing is a relatively new trend in the industry, but it’s quickly becoming popular. While the acquisition cost of solar panels is expensive, it is a great option for those who want to be more environmentally and financially sustainable while staying cool from all angles.

5. Green Roof

Green roofs are a newer trend in roofing materials, and they’re quickly gaining popularity. They consist of vegetation that can be used as insulation, protection from the sun, and create habitats for animals. This is an option if you want something more natural or environmentally friendly than asphalt shingle roofing material.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is roof installation important?
    The day your roof is installed is the most important day in the life of your roof. It lays the groundwork for your roof’s entire future. If it’s installed properly, then the future of your roof is bright and long. But if a roof is improperly installed, your roof’s future will always lead to premature roof failure.
  • Which roof is best for hot climate?
    The best roofing materials for hot climates are terracotta, slate tiles, and green roofs.
  • What is the most energy-efficient roofing?
    Here are some of the energy-efficient roofing options for your home.White Roof (Cool Roof)Standing-seam Metal RoofsShingle RoofCorrugated RoofingReclaimed Slate or Clay RoofShingle Roof From Recycled MaterialsGreen RoofRubber Roofing

Quality Roof Installation in Hilton Head, SC

There are many options when it comes to choosing a new roofing system, but there’s one thing that should always remain your focus: safety first! Whether you choose traditional metal panels or eco-friendly solar panel systems, make sure the products you purchase come with binding guarantees before making any final decisions.

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