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Many homeowners who live in heavy hail areas are tired of replacing their roofing each year; hence, they prefer F-Wave roofs. It is an entirely different product than the typical one, like asphalt shingles. F-wave hail-proof roofs are not among the 80% of the roofs installed today. However, it’s a massive component of the roofing industry. If you live in an area that’s prone to storms, you’ll need to protect your roofing from the damages it can cause. If you live in storm-hit areas, you can avoid your roof getting smashed into pieces by investing in F-Wave shingles that withstand high winds and hail.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider F-Wave Roofing

Here are some of the benefits of F-wave roofs.

1. It’s Made From Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO).

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply roofing membrane that protects the roof’s surface. TPO is a different type of rubber; it’s a mix of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. It’s developed from thermoplastic and rubber or asphalt. Getting it is also easy since they’re readily available in the market. And the good thing about this product is that it’s green, unique, easy to replace and repair, and more sustainable than other market products.

2. Relocate Your Vehicles

The product looks like it has granules if you see it after installation, but there are no granules in reality. F-Wave is a well-engineered product with a complete bunch of engineering that makes individual particles on the shingles appear like granules. It makes them harmless, stress-free to carry, and suitable as they won’t leave any mess on the job location. How amazing it is to come up with something plastic-based that resembles a natural rock product. If you walk into any market to get more information about this roof, most manufacturers will tell you to walk on the ceilings. Foot traffic won’t damage it because, with f-wave shingles, the grit is stable and long-lasting onto the shingle’s surface. It means you can jump on it, walk on it, as well as put any pressure on it, and it won’t damage.

3. It's Extremely Flexible And Easy To Cut.

Although it’s flexible, you can’t break it easily. It’s also easy to cut, and you will be impressed when working with it. It is stress-free, ready to withstand any negative impact, and many roofers prefer it in real-world application on the roof.

4. It Has An Incredible Wind Score.

It has an excellent wind rating of 110 miles per hour with an entirely different glue behind it. The bond is also different from the one used in asphalt shingles. Such a branded technology that you can’t easily lift. The tester shingles can test up to 170 miles an hour, which is remarkable.

5. It’s Easy To Repair.

No matter the type of damage it suffers, be it from dents, hail, or heating, it will get back to its original shape. It is because it’s a molded product and the shingles are also easy to fix. A simple heat application and all the affected areas, including dents, foot traffic, and storm damage, are remedied. When it comes to F-Wave roofing installation, pick the ones that are hail resistant and have the best warranties in the market.

6. It’s Light And Nicely Packaged.

The disadvantage of 80% of roofs on the market today is that their granules always deteriorate and fall. It’s very slippery when installed with lots of cleanups to do, especially the truck and floors. However, a product like F-Wave is super clean, more like a metal clean and light. The package is also fantastic. You’ll love it.

7. It’s Consistent.

The color discoloration is an unpleasant sight for anybody, and any homeowners wouldn’t want their roof to appear that way. Fortunately, many industries are now using a robot that juggles everything, and they also have software that models how it works on the roof to avoid patterning. The robot allows each bundle to get a similar amount of shingle twitches and desirable patterns. With F-wave, it’s always the same and a little bit different design but a nice picture in the end.

8. No Backlog.

This product is already on the market, so you don’t have to wait forever to get it. Shipping has also made it easier for those who live in far states. If you’re searching for a high-tech product that’s durable, the market is large and wide and ready to offer it. When replacing or repairing the product, f-wave roofing experts will do it for you excellently. It would help if you searched for the right ones to get the job done professionally. And when purchasing this product, don’t go for low-level contractors who are clueless about this superb product.

9. It’s Hail Resistant.

It’s storm-resistant, common, and the only product to pass the steel ball valve test. F-wave is a class eight product that you can’t compare with class four ones like metal plus asphalt shingles with base equipment in them. Many markets are ranking them the same, but actually, they perform differently. When testing using kettlebells, you’ll see that the F-wave product has a slight dent, which disappears when exposed out to the sun. Also, the shingles stand up so well, so F-wave is a great product for storm-prone areas.

10. It Appears Cool

Shingles like asphalt usually get lighter with time, and this is a disadvantage for many manufacturers. But F-Wave is much thicker than shingles, although they share the weight. When buying them, you’ll get six bundles per square due to their thickness instead of three. They boost your house’s curb appeal. Also, F-Waves are styled, come in numerous colors, and are neatly packaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

● What Is F-Wave Roofing?

An F-Wave roof is a lightweight, synthetic, composite material made of industrial-grade thermoplastic polymers. These roofs do not contain asphalt, paint, or granules and are weather-resistant, making them low maintenance and durable because you can get the look of slate with this type of roof that has been hand-split cedar shake shingle style.

● How Long Will The F-Wave Roof Last?

F-wave roofing is a superior product because it lasts longer than asphalt shingle roofs. F-waves are Class 4 impact rated, have a five-year hail damage warranty, and are able to withstand 130 mph winds! They also come with a UL2218 rating for fire resistance and tear strength, which means they won’t get brittle or delaminate over time like other products on the market. If you want to save money in your pocket without having to worry about replacing your roof every 1-2 years due to hailstorms, then invest today in this fantastic new technology from Delta Roofing.

● Are F-wave Shingles Good?

Yes, F-wave shingles are good. The F-Wave shingle is the most robust, most resilient roofing material on the market. It can withstand hail storms better than any other roofing class with a Class 4 impact resistance rating and excellent tear strength.

Quality Roof Installation

F-Waves are highly stable in their functionality. They are top-end, trustworthy roofing materials that make for incomparable effectiveness. It is why Delta Roofing, the best f-wave roofing company, offers it as a durable option to homeowners with varied options, such as cedar, metal, and asphalt. Delta Roofing makes sure that your roof is beautiful, functional, and lasts for a very long time. We proudly source only the highest-quality f-wave roofing products and materials.

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