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It’s not unusual for homes to suffer damage in the aftermath of a storm. When you discover a problem, it’s crucial to act quickly so that the problem doesn’t worsen and pose a safety threat to your family. That’s especially true of roof repairs, which can be problematic if they aren’t addressed before the next rainfall.
If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, take these steps after the storm ends.


Pictures provide your insurance adjuster with a helpful starting point when you need to file a damage claim. Although the company will likely take their own photographs, you can initiate proceedings by providing them with a few shots to give them an idea of the scope of damage. This will be helpful in the event that your insurance company professional can’t come to your home right away—you can email them to get the process started.
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If your policy covers natural disasters, then you’ll likely be able to file a claim for roof repairs after a rain or wind storm. The adjuster will work closely with you to determine what types of benefits you are entitled to receive. Bear in mind that they take into account the age of the roofing when making their decision. If your existing roof shingles are old and damaged already, for example, then they may have been more susceptible to damage. That will impact the final claim amount.


After you’ve received approval from your insurer, you can hire a qualified roofing company. This process should generally move quickly, as insurance professionals understand how critical it is to schedule roof repairs as soon as possible.
If your roof is suffering in the aftermath of a storm, you can trust the professionals at Delta Roofing, LLC to resolve the problem.
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