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Residential roofing systems are an essential part of any building. It is responsible for protecting your home and keeping you safe from rain, snow, hail, or wind. There are so many options to choose from, and it can be hard to know what would work best in different situations, such as choosing between asphalt shingles or metal roofs. The most common type of residential roof you will find today is an asphalt-shingle roof because they’re typically the cheapest option available. Still, ceramic tiled roofs offer durability, with tiles being one piece instead of individual components like traditional slate rooftops.
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Types Of Residential Roofing

Here are the common types of residential roofing:
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1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most well-known residential roofing materials in the United States. It is popular because it’s economical and easy to install, as well as durable. Other benefits of asphalt roofs include various colors and styles that suit almost any home, installation ease for even those with little construction experience or skill set! The life expectancy for an average asphalt shingle roof ranges from 15-20 years, depending on location – so if you’re looking into installing one this year, be sure to consider these specifications before making your final decision.

2. Metal Roofing

For the environmentally minded and those who want to save money, metal roofing is a great option. Metal shingles are lightweight – so they’re easy for one person to install themselves when it comes time to fix any minor issues that arise after installation. For more complex jobs, you will need an experienced contractor in installing metal roofs to avoid your new investment ruined by errors. Like other types of plastics or metals on buildings like vinyl siding or aluminum gutters, repainting is needed if a bit of wear starts showing up over time without having the expense of replacing entire sections at once.
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3. Slate Roof Shingles

Slate roof shingles are an elegant and sophisticated style that will last for generations. If you’re looking to give your home a luxurious, stately look while also protecting it from fire damage, slate is the way to go! Not only does this material provide excellent insulation, but with proper maintenance and care can be expected to live over 100 years! Slate tiles come in various colors, including black, which creates a dramatic effect when installed on roofs or floors. The downside of these brilliant materials comes at their weight; you must handle them carefully as carrying them alone poses serious risks.

4. Ceramic Roofing Tiles

Ceramic roofing tiles are a durable choice for those looking to add character and style. Ceramic is resistant to fading, fireproof, long-lasting, with an average lifespan of 50-70 years. Ceramic tile’s unsuitability in climates where the weather fluctuates can lead them to be susceptible to erosion caused by rain or snowmelt that seeps between the cracks, which will cause damage on contact when walked upon (especially if people tend to walk across areas not covered). High winds also pose a problem because they could potentially break fragile pieces from roofs such as these but often result in cracking rather than breaking off entirely due to their lighter weight compared to other materials like concrete or stone.
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5. Wood Shakes And Cedar Shingles

Wood shake roofs are durable in any climate, and they’re perfect for hot or sunny areas. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, which is a plus if you live in places where there are strong thunderstorms. Wood shakes offer an environmentally sound choice with the bonus of being green-friendly because these roofs use recycled wood or harvested resources sustainably. If your goal is to decrease costs on energy bills, then this roofing material might be best for you since it works as a natural insulator that will keep your house cool during the summer months and warm during the winter seasons.

6. Synthetic Slate Shingles

Synthetic slate shingles are a surprisingly convincing stand-in for natural stone, but this material is from engineered polymers combined with recycled plastics and rubber. It can be virtually impossible to distinguish these synthetic roofs from actual stone slates from the ground – they might even look better! Synthetic roofing materials weigh significantly less than natural stones, making them perfect for those homes that cannot support the heavyweight of natural slates.
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Benefits of Residential Roofing

Below are a couple of benefits of residential roofing. Read on to find out!

1. Improved Curb Appeal

One of the significant benefits of making many people go for residential roofing services is that it improves curb appeal. Good residential roofing dramatically helps to promote first impressions and make friends feel welcome with a high-quality aesthetic around your home. To home sellers, this is important, as a great-looking property will sell fast.
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2. Increases Home Value

Residential roofing is essential for home sellers to increase the general value and generate more cash from its sale. You may accomplish this by making sure that there are no leaks, missing shingles, or other signs of deterioration before listing one’s property on the market to maximize its potential as well as minimize any repairs needed after selling your residence.
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3. Safety

Safety is critical in your home. Residential roofing systems are essential to a household’s stability, safety, and well-being because they protect you from potentially dangerous weather conditions such as heavy rain or extreme heat. For example, when it rains hard or there are strong winds on stormy days with thunderstorms, roofs can leak due to water seeping through gaps between tiles and causing damage inside homes if not repaired quickly enough.
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4. Energy Efficiency

Many people don’t know that residential roofs are an overlooked component in the home’s energy efficiency. Residential rooftops have advancements built into them, like today’s technology, and they can last for a very long time without losing their stability due to wear and tear over time.
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5. Longevity

Residential roofs are some of the most critical components in any home, for they protect from both natural and artificial elements. With a lifespan that can last up to 50 years or longer, you know your investment will be worth it over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

● What Is Residential Roofing?

Residential roofs are designed and manufactured to be used in houses, garages, or smaller buildings used as primary living spaces.

● What Is The Best Type Of Residential Roofing?

The best type of residential roofing are asphalt roofing shingles. They have a relatively light weight, inexpensive design, and they’re easy to install. The sheets of asphalt shingle come in many different colors, including white, black, and brown, making them stand out from other types like slate or cedar that need a single piece carefully placed on top of one another.

● What Causes A Residential Roofing Problem Or A Complete Roof Replacement?

There are many factors that may cause a residential roofing problem or complete replacement. These can include severe weather, direct sun, algae and mildew growth, defect tiles, incorrect installation. Darker colors will fade over time, while lighter ones may not stand the test of time due to UV damage and lightning, so choose wisely.

● If Your Roof Is Leaking, Do You Need To Replace It Completely?

If your roof is leaking, the question of whether to replace it or not depends on a couple of things. Leaks can be due to a broken flashing or some minor damage to the system. In these instances, have them repaired by a professional, and all will be well! But if there are signs of shoddy installation work, perhaps you should consider replacing the entire thing instead. Give us a call at 843-489-8555 for an inspection first before making any final decisions on what needs fixing – we’re always happy to help out around our favorite neighborhood.

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