The Designer Slate: Estate Series shingles are made to both look great and last a long time while maintaining top performance. These shingles are durable, lightweight and won’t suffer from the same granule loss and weather damage that other designer asphalt shingles do. This makes them a great investment for your home for years to come. Contact Delta Roofing to learn more about the F-Wave Estate Series shingles today.

Colonial Estate

Sonoma Estate

Hampton Estate

Woodland Estate


Like the Estate Series, the American Blends shingles come packed with great features. They have the ultra-dimensional look of premium roof tiles, are class 4 hail rated (with warranted coverage), are built to withstand 130 mph of wind, are class A fire rated and much, much more. If you would like to learn more or see how these shingles could benefit your home please Contact Us today.

Birchwood Blend

Charcoal Blend

Harvest Blend


The Shake Shingles by F-Wave are built to be durable and last a long time while keeping your home looking great. They have been tested under various weather conditions to ensure your roof and home is properly protected.

Mountain Cedar

Castlewood Brown

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